Institute of Horticulture Technology has established a state of the art Centre of Excellence- for Hi-Tech Horticulture (CoEH) to demonstrate and train the participants of various training programmes. The CoEH has series of the greenhouses ranging from basic walk in tunnels to the most advanced fully automated climate control intelligent greenhouse.

Micro-irrigation and fertigation systems are installed and operational both in open fields and greenhouses which are controlled through central computerized multichannel fertigation system. Modern production technology of fruits, vegetables, cut flowers and landscaping has been demonstrated both in open and protected conditions to make one “seeing and believing” technology to enhance awareness and knowledge among growers. Water use effciency and moisture conservation has been adopted in open cultivation in the center. The facility is being looked after by in house experts of IHT and consultants from Israel and the Netherlands.

CoEH serve as a demonstrative and a training center for hands on training for trainees from different states of India and abroad.

The facilities in the technology Park has been planned in such a way that there is optimum utilization of the resources for example every unit has been attached to central computer processing and command unit for appropriate action with respect to the timing and the dosage of the nutrients and water for the different units. The system being multi channel caters to the individual requirements of the different units.

Computerized Fertigation & Irrigation system

State of the Art Fertigation system of M/S Priva Nutrifit of Holland, an internationally known brand in highly sophisticated fertigation system

Hi-Tech Nursery Greenhouse

  • Complete controlled conditions: temperature, humidity and light.
  • Cooling system: Fan-Pad system
  • Boomer facility for Fertigation and Irrigation
  • Cladding (covering material) : Polycarbonate sheet
  • Microprocessor control panel attached with computer to control
  • temperature, humidity, light, irrigation and screen.
  • Main production: Nursery seedling of vegetables and fruits plants

Research Greenhouses

Provides facilities to study the complete lifecycle of crops

State of the art Energy Effcient Polyhouse

  • Ventilation system: Motorized side and top ventilation system
  • Fertigation and Irrigation system: Computerised drip system
  • Trailing system: Support the crops
  • Main production: Tomato, Cucumber, Capsicum

Retractable Greenhouses

Retractable roof greenhouses are useful for basic protection of crops or as a complete plant production system with retractable insect screening, curtain systems for shading, heat retention and black out and perimeter walls with roll-up curtains with insect screens.

Greenhouses (Polytunnel)

  • Controlled conditions for the temperature, humidity and light.
  • Cooling system: Fan-Pad system
  • Fertigation and Irrigation system: Computerised
  • Cladding (covering material) : Polycarbonate sheet


  • Ventilation system: Manual side and top ventilation system
  • Fertigation and Irrigation system: Computerised drip system
  • Trailing system: Support the crops
  • Main production: Tomato, Cucumber, Capsicum.

Intelligent Automated Greenhouse for Hydroponics


  • Shade nethouse for hardening of plantlets
  • Nethouse for orchids production

Mushroom Cultivation Chamber

Medicinal plants demonstration area with drip irrigation attached to computerized Fertigation system.

Orchard with moisture conservation technology

Different technology demonstration for moisture conservation like mulching, drip irrigation and use of crystal colloid

Open field vegetables production area for demonstration and training

Open field cultivation with complete drip facilities and fertigation system for providing the definite dozes of macro and micro fertilizes.

Solar panel for energy conservation

Vermi Composting Unit

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