IHT has been recognised as Scientific and Industrial Research Organization- SIRO by DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. IHT undertakes a number of R&D and Technology demonstration projects in varied agro climatic conditions of the country for horticulture crop production with modern technology and finding solutions to the problems faced by the farmers.

In one of the projects undertaken with partnership of Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development- IBSD, Imphal, Manipur the crop production module of dendrobium orchid standardized by IHT (in house) was demonstrated in farmers’ fields resulting in development of incubation centres in Manipur. In another project undertaken with partnership of the Institute, protected cultivation technology for vegetables was customized to suit an array of farming situations in Mizoram. IHT has also took initiative to identify varieties of Bird’s Eye Chilli grown in Mizoram and known for its Capsaicin content (0.589%) on the varietal resistance/ tolerance to local pests and diseases.

Other R&D project with the support of Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India on production and buy back of aromatic plants namely Patchouli, Citronella & Sugandmantri and macro propagation of banana cultivar Malbhog – a highly popular and high value banana has also been taken up by IHT.

In addition to the R&D Projects and Technology demonstration in farmers’ fields the capacity building trainings were structured and developed for different climatic regions of India. Farmers, extension offcials, students, present and prospective entrepreneurs availed the training in world class facilities in IHT.

Precision farming is another area of capacity building undertaken by IHT. The impact of precision farming on resource conservation, both natural as well as other inputs in the form of fertilizers and pesticides has helped in making farming sustainable and environment friendly. The Institute’s expertise in micro irrigation, fertigation and mulching in protected and open production systems has been appreciated and well received by the farmers, extension offcials and entrepreneurs alike.


Capacity building and development the of bio-resources entrepreneurs in horticultural crops such as dendrobium, cut flower, micro-irrigation, use of machinery and fertigation showed tangible impact.

  • Local markets showing interest in Manipur for buying Dendrobium from farmers.
  • Local people beneficiary farmers in Manipur has upgraded their livelihood through Dendrobium cultivation.
  • Endangered species of orchids shall be preserved as with hybrid Dendrobium cut flower production farmers have found good income generating option.
  • Indigenous varieties of fruits, vegetables and spices like Malbhog, birds eye chilli, sticky pumpkins are growing commercially by local people with modern technological inputs showcased in Technology Demonstration activities in farmers’ fields.
  • Identification of disease resistance in bird’s eye chili will help farmers from buying expensive pesticides.
  • The crop modules standardized in protected cultivation with growing medium soil or hydroponics will provide farmers ready model to adopt resulting in harnessing better returns from the protected crop production.

Institute of Horticulture technology is devoting it’s time to help and upgrade social livelihood of Farmers through collaborative projects, in-house R&D and capacity building.

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