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Technology Park- Centre of Excellence on Hi-Tech Horticulture (CoEH)

Close to the main building of IHT at a distance of about 3.5 Kilometers, Institute of Horticulture Technology has established a state of the art Centre of Excellence- for Hi-Tech Horticulture (CoEH) to demonstrate and train the participants of various training programmes. The CoEH has series of the greenhouses ranging from basic walk in tunnels to the most advanced fully automated climate control intelligent greenhouse.

Micro-irrigation and fertigation systems are installed and operational both in open field and greenhouses which are controlled through central computerized multichannel fertigation system. Modern production technology of fruits, vegetables, cut flowers and landscaping has been demonstrated both in open and protected conditions to make one “seeing and believing” technology to enhance awareness and knowledge among growers. Water use efficiency and moisture conservation has been adopted in open cultivation in the center. The facility is being looked after by in house experts of IHT and consultants from Israel and Netherlands.

CoEH serve as a demonstrative and a training center for hands on training for trainees from different states of India and abroad.