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Research Greenhouse

This is completely atomized greenhouse with aerodynamic non-corrosive and Galvanized iron structure, which gives good strength to this structure. It is designed to withstand against high wind velocity (Max: 120 km/hr). It has the forced cooling system, side ventilations and buffer room

Vector Proof Greenhouse

The greenhouse is specially designed with vector proof system, active cooling and motorized ventilation. The crops cultivated in this greenhouse are healthy, vector and disease free with proper S.O.Ps. Present standing crop- parthenocarpic cucumber.

Retractable Roof Greenhouse

Innovative greenhouse with retractable roofing system. The greenhouse has specially designed system for insect proofing while the roof is retracted. Retractable roofs protect crops against excessive heat, cold, frost, hail, wind, diseases and pests. The roof creates an environment with a constant temperature and humidity level, making it possible for a farmer to extend the growing season, and increase profitability/ha. The fold-back roofs also allow "hardening-off" of plants without the need for manual transfer to outdoor beds. Present standing crop- Gerbera in hydroponic.

Hi-tech Nursery Greenhouse with climate control system

This technology greenhouse is a dedicated nursery greenhouse having a potential of producing lakhs of nursery seedlings around a year. The greenhouse has dedicated plant stations and sensor based climate control system. The greenhouses allow automated control of temperature, ventilation, light and automated boom irrigation and fertigation system. Present crops- different vegetables, tissue cultured orchids.

Hybrid Greenhouse

Hybrid Greenhouse is a unique polyhouse of its kind with multi height for efficient passive ventilation technology where ventilation is provided on all the opposite sides. It is a combination of polyethylene and bionet. The specially designed vent opening system is not dependent on electricity. Present standing crop- coloured capsicum.

Greenhouse with Intelligent Climate Control system - Hydroponics Crop Production

This greenhouse is the most innovative and is equipped with Intelligent Climate Control System (ICC). The ICC System Digital Controller is the ideal digital control solution for greenhouse control applications. The greenhouse is devoted to the hydroponic cropproduction.

As a standalone controller, the ICC System both the hardware and software flexibility to adapt to the variety of control processes found in its climate control applications. Along with its outstanding control flexibility, the controller can extend its input and output point capability by communicating with input/output (I/O) extension modules on an extension bus, and provides monitoring and control of all connected points at its built-in LED display. When integrated into a full ICC System network, point and control information is available throughout the network, and at all ICC system operator workstations. The greenhouse has:

  • Heating/cooling control
  • Humidification/dehumidification
  • Mixed air damper optimization
  • ICCS fan control
  • ICCS supply & return fan tracking
  • Indoor air quality
  • Control point reset
  • Time of day scheduling
  • Permissive interlock

Present standing crop- different types of Lettuce in N.F.T system.


This polyhouse has been designed to encourage the entrepreneurs to embrace the opportunities and benefits of growing vegetables in such polyhouses. The ventilation system is manually regulated with upper vent fixed. The opening and the closing of the side vents is done manually with hand gear operation. It is a polyhouse with no requirement of electricity for regulation of the vents. Present standing crop- indeterminate type tomatoes, regular and cherry.

Open Field Cultivation

As mentioned above in open cultivation we have vegetable block, fruit block, flower block, aromatic & medicinal plant block for showcasing various technologies and for providing hands on trainings to the trainees.