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Farmers Day 2014

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21st April 2014 was a historical day for the Institute of Horticulture Technology Greater Noida as Dr. S. Ayyappan, Secretary (Department of Agriculture Research and Education) and Director General, Indian Council of Agriculture Research; New Delhi visited the Institute for inauguration of Intelligent Greenhouse – a newly added facility in the Institute.

While addressing the audience Dr. S. Ayyappan Secretary (Department of Agriculture Research and Education) and Director General, Indian Council of Agriculture Research, New Delhi felt that the Institute has emerged as the first institute in India with the facility of “Intelligent Greenhouse” the Greenhouse equipped with the mechanism of Integration of abiotic factors like temperature, light, humidity and Co2 in order to provide the ambient climatic conditions to the crops. Dr. S. Ayyappan appreciated the facilities specially the series of Greenhouses that the Institute has developed in the Technology Park. Further he was of the opinion that there is need of protected cultivation for the bright future of the horticulturists, growers and entrepreneurs as now the production of horticulture produce has now reached to the total production in food grains. Specially addressing trainees of the Institute he advised them to take full advantage of the state of the art facilities of the institute and develop skills especially for the production of the crops under protected conditions. In view of the opportunities the Horticulture sector offers, there is a huge gap of skilled manpower specially in protected cultivation to meet up to the present and future requirements.

Dr. K.L. Chadha accompanied by Er. Sanjay Sudan Greenhouse Expert and others accompanied Dr. S. Ayyappan in s visit to the facilities existing in the Technology Park of the Institute. The visit started with Er. Sanjay Sudan explaining the working and the features of the computerized fertigation unit which is the heart of the technology park, Dr. Ayyappan took keen interest in the features and working of the fertigation system. In polyhouse with tomato as a standing crop the guest was then explained in detail about the cultivation of tomato in soil and without soil as medium in polyhouse which is naturally ventilated. Dr. Ayyappan was very particular about the quality of the fruit in the soilless medium and examined the plants and the fruits keenly. This was followed by the visit the guest to the Nursery Greenhouse where working of the boomer and the placement of trays for better utilization of the space, quality nursery production and production of orchid dendrobium was in detail explained by Dr.K.L. Chadha. Dr. Ayyappan finally visited farmer’s polyhouse with standing capsicum crop and was appreciative about the crop quality and cultivation techniques followed. This type of the polyhouse is installed by farmers under different state and central government schemes.

After a round of the Technology Park, Dr. Ayyappan inaugurated Intelligent Greenhouse in presence of the staff and the trainees of the Institute. There was a huge applause from the persons present there on the occasion. Dr. K.L.Chadha explained the features and the working of the greenhouse and the response of the crops in it. Dr. Ayyappan gave a patient hearing and while responding was of the opinion that the technology is the first of the kind in Asia and complimented the Institute for commissioning this state of the art facility.

After completing the visit of the Technology Park, Dr. Ayyappan visited the Institute at Krishna Apra, where he was received by Dr. N.P. Sudan and other faculty members of the Institute. Dr. Ayyappan in company of the faculty made a visit of the facilities existing in the Institute and was impressed by the infrastructure and facilities offered by the Institute.

Dr. Ayyappan was highly appreciative of the step taken by the society while establishing the Institute and was of the opinion that such facilities are as good as temples as they power development of the farmers and in turn the country.

Dr. K.L. Chadha presented the working of the Institute before the dignified guest and the audience, Dr. K.L. Chadha dealt in detail as to how the Institute was established and the mode of the trainings/ courses and acceptance/demand of the trainings across different states of India. He mentioned that there is huge response across different states for trainings in protected cultivation. He emphasized that the courses should have certification from the recognized body in order to address the problem of trainees who are seeking jobs in the Horticulture especially in the protected cultivation after undergoing the trainings in the institute.