‘Knowledge can only be got in one way, the way of experience; there is no other way to know’- Swami Vivekananda

Institute of Horticulture Technology addresses various gaps and constraints by way of organizing exposure visits for the farmers and horticulture professionals in various areas of horticulture, outside their states. Such programmes help in converging and synergising multiple on-going and planned programmes for horticulture development.

The role of field days and exposure visits is to introduce growers and agricultural professionals to new technologies and techniques could be practically used and applied in different places in respective states. This forms the integral part of acquiring knowledge as ‘Seeing is Believing’. It provides opportunity to the participants of different regions to interact and learn from each other. These visits help to promote modern horticultural technology, organic horticulture, precision farming, micro irrigation, conservation and income generating activities such as protected cultivation of vegetables and cut flowers, exotic fruits, mushroom production, innovative techniques in conventional horticulture.

India is blessed with diverse agro climatic conditions, different states have progressed well in the production of varied horticultural crops and farmers need to exposed to the technologies, considering the productivity potential and availability of vast opportunities. A well thought out plan of action is formulated by the experts of IHT for providing exposure visits to the farmers and horticulture professionals out of their states to understand these modern technologies. Such type of plan necessarily needs the focused attention that is what IHT does, an expert of the institute is constantly with the trainees in various places so that the visiting trainees understand the technologies showcased by progressive farmers/ institutions of the visiting states. The exposure visits are the form of trainings to the farmers for the production of different horticultural crops with modern proved technologies, their post-harvest management, the value addition and the marketing. The exposure visits shape the farmers with modern proved technology, their post harvest management, the value addition & marketing.

Contact us for organizing out of state exposure visits of Farmers and Trainers. Such programmes can be tailored to meet the requirements of the trainees.